In times of injury, illness or aging, you or a loved one may require assistance with daily tasks, such as laundry or housekeeping. Or perhaps your situation is preventing you from socializing and you just need someone to keep you company. In such and other scenarios, home health aides can prove invaluable. Global Healthcare Group (GHG) provides home health aides who can assist with these and other basic activities of daily living, including hygiene maintenance, running errands, or serving as a walking escort.

Flexible and Affordable

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Our flexible schedules means you or your loved one can be assigned a home health aide on a short or long term basis, on just weekends or even on holidays; our services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Employing a Global Healthcare Group (GHG) home health aide can also provide a well-deserved rest for family members or individuals who otherwise regularly take care of the client. Moreover, utilizing a home health aide also proves to be an affordable alternative to nursing home care.

If your doctor or home health care nurse determines that such assistance is medically necessary, you may find that your health insurance covers these kinds of amenities. Even if your provider does not offer coverage for these services, Global Healthcare Group (GHG) has affordable plans to ensure you obtain the care you require without adding too much financial strain.

Service Schedule

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Global Healthcare Group (GHG) offers a variety of flexible service plans to accommodate you or your family member’s needs. Our home health aides can be scheduled to come in on a short or long term basis, as dictated by the client’s specific conditions or desires. Or, if care during the week is already managed, our professionals can be booked for weekend appointments. Holiday bookings are also possible. Please contact us directly to learn more about your case-specific options.


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Being able to pay for services is, of course, a significant consideration when assessing home health care needs. Dedicated to our mission of providing unparalleled health care services, Global Healthcare Group (GHG) works diligently with our clients to ensure their needs are met professionally but also affordably. We will work with you to determine applicable and appropriate coverage, and accept a variety of payment choices. Some options include:

*Medicaid: A federal and state government-sponsored program, primarily for individuals with limited resources and income.

* Private health insurance: Can include employer-sponsored as well as individually purchased insurance, managed care programs, and long-term care insurance. * Private pay/out-of-pocket: For consumers who do/cannot use state services. Works on a sliding rate scale, depending on the amount of hours scheduled.

* Please note that Medicaid has specific eligibility criteria that must be met for coverage of services. Also, there may be limits as to what services Medicaid and private insurance companies will cover.

The Our Advantage
Using Global Healthcare Group (GHG) Home Care for your home health care needs

Ensures care that is professional, compassionate, understanding and culturally sensitive

Allows clients greater safety, security and independence, within or outside their homes

Permits a well-deserved respite for normal caregivers (scheduled or emergency situations)

Provides peace of mind for clients and their families

Offers an affordable alternative option to the need for an expensive nursing home

Postpones the need for expensive nursing home care as an affordable alternative option

Enables 24/7, 365 days of care